We installed thousands and thousands of feet of PEX tubing in all the concrete slabs before they were poured so we could have hot water pumped through the concrete.    This will allow us to have warm floors and provide a very efficient heat source in the basement and garage.  ** Special thanks to Jeff, Robert, Jim, Neil, Adam & Cliffie for helping lay out and tie down about 4,000 feet of tubing in the freezing cold ** 


Yes that is snow.  It snowed about 17" that day

The Basement was a much larger undertaking:

It may look like spaghetti but it is actually a very calculated and meticulously zoned system.

Now the concrete goes over the tubing


In the master bathroom there will be an electric mat that will radiate heat into the marble floors which will add comfort and allow us to lower the thermostat in that zone.  The NuHeat mat was custom made for the exact measurements of the bathroom


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