Here are some fun pictures from the lot and people that have visited:

Grace after a hard day of digging                          Grace & Mom fighting over the shovel


Grace won and pushed Mom over the edge          Wow that's a good looking shovel


Yes,  I really painted a shovel and yes it will be in a lot of pictures because I like it.


Mom should have been on the Price is Right.  Look at how she shows off that shovel.


Cliff & Jimbo came by to hold The Gold Shovel because everyone loves the shovel


Cliffie                                                                             Guy


                                        The McAleer Family Comes to Visit


Matt & Randi Love The Shovel, Chloe Peed on the Shovel out of love


Jim & Neil on one of the mini-mountains            The Torr Family Plays Shovel Too


Grace and her sister Alison                                          Grace and Chandra


                                            The Johnson's and the Germans


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