Having enough outlets, lighting, and electrical functionality was a big concern for us. It is much harder to add later, so we attempted do everything we could think we may ever need now just to be sure.

We will have 400 Amp service, and we are adding a third  generator panel for key items.


We really went overboard on the low voltage wiring. Between the Home Automation, phone systems, Whole House Audio, HDTV, Satellite, Antenna, Infrared, Data, Alarm, and CCTV wiring, we had quite a task. 90% of the low voltage wiring in the house was completed by me and my two brothers. Robert, Jeffrey and I spent many, many days pulling what is literally miles and miles of cabling throughout the house.


We put camera wiring in 6 outdoor locations, including the front and rear doors. We also ran High Definition wiring to wall locations to mount TV's on the walls in most rooms, including the master bath and kitchen.


Every room received multiple data and multi-line phone wiring to "future proof" the house. With wiring, more really is better


Security was also a concern, so we added an alarm with redundant contacts and sensors at every door and window that integrates into the Home Automation and CCTV systems.