As you can see, the water shot out almost 50 feet high. 

We had great results with 10 gallons per minute at a very deep aquifer.  The overall depth of the well was over 300 feet!

At over 300 feet deep we should have exceptional water quality and never have to worry about any summer droughts

Special thanks to Easterday Wells for a great job:




Silt Fence:

The silt fence is a long sheet of black plastic that surrounds the construction area and driveway locations.  It is about 3 feet high and is staked into the ground every few feet with wood or metal poles.  The main purpose of the silt fence is to stop erosion.  Any loose soil or vegetation displaced by construction is kept on the jobsite by the fencing. 

This is one long fence.  It extends all the way from the front of the lot, along the driveway into a huge circle that surrounds the actual house location.   I would estimate a total length of well over 1000 feet.

(As you can see this fence is very substantial and not just sticks and a tarp)                      

(It extends from the road all the way to the house location)

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