Gold Shovel Ceremony:

Temporary Driveway:

As you can see, it's a very long driveway


We're amazed at how exact they are able to get the sidewalls and corners.

This is some good looking dirt.

All the dirt had to go somewhere  -  Middleton Mountain


Concrete footers with rebar in all the crucial locations

Straw covers the footer sites

Starting on the Walls:

The walls start to take shape

Soon, the basement walls will be 9 feet high

The outline of the basement takes shape:

All exterior walls are coated with the "Watch Dog" Waterproofing System.  The area around the foundation walls will be a french drain to also keep the basement dry

This is the welled exit to get out from the basement to the rear of the house

Here the basement floor is ready for my to lay the Hydronic Tubing - The Rough-In for the Full Bathroom is in too

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